One of my favorite nail tutorial sights is They have amazingly simple tutorial videos which you can go into with very little nail art skill or knowledge and come out with fantastic, trending nails! The videos have very easy step by step instructions with a pleasant voice-over to guide you through the process. Above are some of my favorite designes. I havent yet gotten to the cherry blossom design, but I am planning on attempting them in the very near future.

There is a link in the picture.



The Beginning

I really can’t think of any good way to start this blog… 

I was hoping to start out with some witty introduction that would gain me respect from my readers but at 12.59 on a lonely friday night clever things just dont really want to be thought up…

Another way that I contemplated to start out was to introduce myself and write about the purpose of my future posts and my main goal throughout this blog, but you dont care who I am or why I am showing you what im showing. You just want to see what I have to share. 

So I’ve come up with the simplest way i can think of to start a fashion blog…

Like this: