Landscape Print Shirts

Landscape Print Shirts

  The only places I have seen shirts with these types of prints have been on men, but I adore this idea of a landscape print and I think that us women need to adopt this look into our everyday … Continue reading

Skull Back Shirt

Skull Back Shirt

Lately I have been really getting into DIY clothing. I absolutely adore this look of the skull cut into the back of a loose T-shirt. This is not me but am currently working on my own version of this shirt along with a few other T-shirt reconstruction projects that i hope to show you when they are completed. I found this picture and instructions on how to make it at a lovely blog that you can go to by clicking on the picture.

The One-Half Design

I absolutely love the new look of denim cutoffs with the design on one side. there are so many veriations of this look with an example above.

I really like the one half floral but some other looks that I have also seen and loved are the shorts with one half embroidered with a tribal pattern or there is the half lace  or the metal studs look, all of which really add to what could be a very plain pair of shorts.

Navy Ensemble

Top: dELiAs > Chiffon Racerback Spaghetti Tank > tops > view all tops

Pants: Leather low-rise super-skinny jeans | J Brand Denim | Matchesf…

Shoes: Norsca Denim Blue Nubuck

Bra: Animal Print Strapless Bralet – Topshop USA

Coat: | Navy Kenmare Double-Breasted Coat by MILLY | the latest trends from the capitals of the world

Nails: Illamasqua Raindrops Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches



A cluster of bracelets on one or both wrists can be a great way to tie together an outfit or add a touch of femininity to your look. By mixing and matching you can get thousands of different looks and ways to express your personal style wile keeping up with the trends. They can be worn with casual or profesional atire and are just a very versatile, charming addition to any outfit.