The One-Half Design

I absolutely love the new look of denim cutoffs with the design on one side. there are so many veriations of this look with an example above.

I really like the one half floral but some other looks that I have also seen and loved are the shorts with one half embroidered with a tribal pattern or there is the half lace  or the metal studs look, all of which really add to what could be a very plain pair of shorts.


Unacceptable Combination: Spandex and Denim

I spent the majority of yesterday at one of my favorite places, Six Flags Magic Mountain. If you have ever been there you will know that it is swarming with oddly dressed people. Many wearing clothing atleast one size too small with excessive amounts of neon and sequins or all back ensemble acompanied by indistinguishable tattoos and multiple face piercings, all the tipes of outfits that you wish you could steal and burn for the benefit of the world. But the one thing that I found most confusing were the hords of young girls sporting spandex exercise shorts underneath their denim shorts. For the most part these girls were dressed well otherwise: nice shirt, attractive shoes, well groomed hair… and then the strage combination of shorts… I truly do not understand this fashion statement. It is blatantly hideous and doesn’t appear to be too comfortable. 

So if you are reading this and happen to look down and realize that you have spandex sticking out of the bottom of your Levi shorts, for the goodness of the world, TAKE THEM OFF!!
And then please comment and explain to me your reason for putting them on in the first place.